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    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 814

    Brook: We're gonna meet Master Nekomamushi~!
    We're gonna meet Master Nekomamushi~!

    Wanda: Nami! Sanji and Cedar are not here anymore!
    They must have been kidnapped by that one guy!

    Nami: No, it was his own decision...

    Nekomamushi: Wanda, Carrot!
    Please don't talk to anyone about this incident as they don't want it!

    Wanda & Carrot: Yes!

    Nakomamushi: You can also leave Pekoms here! There is no need of more anxiety!




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    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 813

    Nami : e? tea party....?
    Chopper : Sanji's Wedding??

    The wedding card :

    Groom Vinsmoke 3rd son, Sanji

    Bride Charlote 35th daughter Pudding*


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    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 812

    Capone and Pekoms on Zou, shocked at the ruins*

    Pekoms: "What!!!???"

    Capone: "What the heck is this? Where's everyone?"

    Pekoms (in rage): "What the heck happened!!??? Who did this to Zou!!?? Was it the Strawhats!!!??? What did those guys do!!??"


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    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 811

     Caesar is glad at the power of gas.The gas is called "Koro", a genocidal weapon.

    (I think Koro is based on the Japanese word "Korosu" which means "kill".)

    Chopper and Sanji beat up Caesar. Caesar says "It's not me who is to blame since I didn't use the gas to Zou people." Sanji says this guy is the worst. Chopper tells Caesar to neutralize the poison with his ability.



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    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 809One Piece Spoils du chapitre 809

    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 809   One Piece Spoils du chapitre 809

    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 809  One Piece Spoils du chapitre 809 One Piece Spoils du chapitre 809

    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 809





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     One Piece Film Gold will be released on July 23, 2016

    Version Anglaise : 

    - Chopper was done by CC's poison gas weapon

    - Brook notices Duke Inuarashi's spittle dropping down on him

    - Brook freaks out, while Wanda replies, he's a patron (and Duke Inuarashi loves how tasteful he looks)

    - for now it's just "touching", but Brook feels just uncomfortable with everything

    - the weapons profuced by CC were secretly sold by Doffy, and even arrived at Kaidou's

    - Luffy gets mad

    - Inuarashi notes that the strawhat fits Luffy very well

    - Inuarashi wants to tell a story from the past, when he notices a cat mink

    - it's Nekomamushi-dan'na

    - Inuarashi tells Luffy that he was the one who got the strawhat from Shanks, but at the same time, he falls asleep (*That's how it's stated. We can assume something else has happened, as Inuarashi's story was just interrupted. We should learn more later.)

    - he always sleeps from 6 p.m. on

    - as Inuarashi is the one ruling by day,he falls asleep when night comes...the time when Nekomanushi rules -> they aren't on good terms (they would even tend to kill each other)

    - they came to part their times from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., when the sun is out for Inuarashi, and from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., when the moon is out for Nekomamushi due to a terrible dispute

    - the minks of the fortress are active by day, so it's their time to sleep now as well (like Sicilian, among others); the minks in the forest are active by night

    - Sicilian remembers the fight


    - Jack and his men are destroying the town slowly but surely

    - the minks beg Jack to stop, but the latter doesn't listen to them

    - the musketeer garde steps in

    - Wanda and Carrot seem to belong with them, too

    - Wanda notes they are a strange sort of warriors, they have to be careful of the guys with black horns

    - the left hand of one of these guys turns into a wolf's claw, he attacks Wanda "Wolf Grip!"

    - just in that moment, this guy is cut by someone...the three musketeers around Sicilian emerge

    - the other musketeers shall escort the folk into the forest

    - Jack wonders who they are

    - Duke Inuarashi appears as well, saying this fight is meaningless as the person they're looking for isn't here anyway

    - Jack feels Inuarashi's strong aura, asking if the latter's the king of this country

    - Inuarashi throws his sword away, stating that if they really need to look for a samurai in this country, the minks won't stand in their way, begging Jack to stop the rampage

    - it's a country with deep history

    - Jack refuses and attacks him, Wanda wants him to run away

    - but Inuarashi stops Jack's trunk with his wounded arm

    - Jack's men are surprised, while he himself isn't fazed

    - it's revealed that Jack's head is worth 1 billion Berris

    - he states that if the samurai is here, he will stop his rampage; if the samurai isn't here, he'll consider it a sin

    - Inuarashi understands it's no use to reconcile, he picks up the sword

    - Jack admits he loves destruction, and Inuarashi prepares to fight

    - the fight goes on and on, until the sun sets (6 p.m.)

    - the minks hear a roar coming from the forest, it's Nekomamushi

    - a wounded Inuarashi recognizes Nekomamushi's awakening, ordering the garde to retreat

    - in response to the mink's surprise, he says that changing between day and night troup is actually effective due to the possibility to attack constantly

    - while Inuarashi states that Jack is just a man who's simply resistant against talking things out, the raging Nekomamushi rushes in from the forest

    - he won't let intruders escape now that it's night, sweeping away Jack's men and attacking the latter

    - he says Jack shall not believe to get out of here alive, then grabs Jack's trunk and throws him on the back (?)

    - the minks worry about their town, but Nekomamushi replies it's nothing they should worry about now

    - he states further that if a samurai ever happened to intrude that island, he would have eaten him alive

    - Jack turns back into his human form, but only half of his silhouette is visible

    - the minks boldly prepare to counterattack

    Résumé rapide

    Inuarashi and Nekomamushi used to be best friends, but now they hate each other.
    When they were young, both of them went out to sea for a while. In the meantime, Inuarashi seems to have met Shanks.

    Inuarashi says the strawhat looks good on Luffy.

    Inuarashi tells Jack to stop the destruction since this country has a long history, but Jack rejects and says he loves destruction. Jack also says that if they offer Samurai, he will stop fighting.

    Inuarashi is exhausted during the fight with Jack.

    Two kings system enables them to attack their enemy all day.

    Night coming on, Nekomamushi appears and throws Jack by one-arm shoulder throw (Judo's move).

    Jack comes back to the Human mode.



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    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 808

    1st panel - Animals: ...Mammoths!? Why is the ancient creature (here)...!? sfx: zawa(crowded/
    abundance of object)

    2nd panel - ?(maybe monkey):pant.. pant... sfx: bells ringing (kan)

    3rd panel - monkey: ENEMY RAID~!! sfx: bells ringing

    4th panel: monkey(most likely): THE GATE HAS BROKEN!!

    (probably a group): ITS THE PIRATES!! KICK THEM OUT!!!

    sfx: bells ringing and the trade mark DON!!

    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 808One Piece Spoils du chapitre 808One Piece Spoils du chapitre 808One Piece Spoils du chapitre 808One Piece Spoils du chapitre 808

    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 808


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    Version Anglaise : 

     From the Decks of the World ~ The 500,000,000 Man ~Vol. 4 Usopp's Hometown, Syrup Village

    -Wanda's recollection continues...

    Mammoth: "The warrior from Wano should be here!!"

    The Minkfolk begin talking.

    "A mammoth? Why is an ancient animal like that...!?"

    The monkey that fell on Kin'emon as the Strawhats were climbing the big elephant climbs the watchtower and begins ringing the bell.

    He screams to the forest "Ha...ha... Enemy attack~~~!!!!」

    Minks:"The gate's been broken!"

    "It's pirates!!! Drive them out of here~~!!!!」

    Minks:"Warrior from Wano!? Raizou!? We don't know anything about him!!" "Don't wreck our country!! Go away!!"

    -Sheepshead, "The Top Star of the Gifters" appears.-

    Sheepshead:"Hahaha… you、the illusive country of the Minks…you really are quite beastly"

    Minks: Identify yourself!! Who are you-gara?!!

    Sheepshead: "Do you know who you're talking to?!! You're in the presence of the Emperor Kaidou's retainer!!

    "One of his 3 closest members called 'The Disasters'!! 'Jack the Drought'!!"

    -The area Jack passed through is withered and destroyed just as his name implies.-

    "Hand over Raizou!! You wouldn't want to have you peaceful lives jeopardized would you!? Or do you want to fight?」

    Jack's goons: "Gehehehe"

    Monjii(an old Mink)"We don't wish to fight!! But if you have no ears to listen to us, it does no good to talk..."

    "You're Jack you say...we don't lie. If you're looking for someone you may search each building..."

    -Before he can finish, Jack swipes the Minks away.-

    Goon: "Gyahahahaha、women, children, the old, none will be spared!!"

    Jack: "Gin Rummy, did we come here for a discussion?"

    Gin Rummy "No, Jack. We came here to capture the samurai."

    Sheepshead:"Idiot, he ain't a samurai. Raizou's a ninja!!

    Gin Rummy "Silence, Sheepshead! Samurai is just a general name for the warriors of Wano! Either word is fine."

    Jack: "I desire only one thing! Bring me Raizou!"

    Minks: "How can...?! but we said he isn't here!!"

    Jack: "Then, "Pleasures", scour the country!"

    -The Pleasures begin to attack, but they are repelled by the Minkfolk's "Electro" attacks.-

    Defeated Pleasures: "Gyaha...!!What's! What the!Them!! That old man!! The brat!!" "That hurt!"

    Monjii:"There are no weaklings in this country! The Minkfolk are natural-born warriors!! Even babies know self-defense!!"

    Jack: "…!?"

    Monjii:"You-gara, are you going to make enemies and fight the whole country!? Even then, there's our trained Musketeers with skill that words fail to describe!"

    "It won't be resolved by fighting! If you're looking for someone, won't you just talk to our country's Duke!!"

    Jack: "Talk? I refuse. "Gifters, ahead!"

    The Gifters, a group of weirdos with animal parts of their bodies, rush forward.

    Minks:"What? Their bodies?!"

    Jack:"Destroy the country and get me the samurai!"

    -Wanda's recollection finishes. The scene changes.

    Wanda:"…They didn't want to talk at all and just started fighting. The city became a battlefield in an instant."

    Usopp:"…!! An Emperor's subordinates!! They attacked the country…!!"

    Robin: "Kaido's..."

    Wanda:"…Ah, Why did they come all the way here… I don't know why they would think a samurai was here."

    Luffy:"Hey, Usopp! She said a mammoth!"

    Usopp: (in a tiny voice)"That's nothing to be happy about. Think about what happened!"

    Brook:"So…now you understand why you can't say "samurai" and "Wano" around here!?"


    Robin: "Awful people."

    Luffy:"…But the ninja Kin'emon was talking about isn't here〜That's a let down."

    -Usopp, Brook, and Nami's faces go pale.-

    A curious Wanda: "Eh?"

    -Usopp, Nami, and Brook pound Luffy-

    Wanda:"Ninja?…"You mean the warrior from Wano? Do you-tia know anything about them?"

    Brook: "No, no, not at all!! eh...the wounded!! How was the condition of the wounded…?"

    Wanda: "Ah...I saw the Duke's treatment room. I wouldn't be good for them to come out here…Let's continue our talk later.

    -Voices can be heard from the treatment room-

    "Gyaaー!!" "I apologize, Sir Sicilian〜!!" "Sir Sicilian is going mad〜!!" "Ahー!!"

    Wanda rushes over.
    "Sir Sicilian!? What is it!?"

    One of Duke Inuarashi's 3 Musketeers, "Full strength" Sicilian(Lion-minkman):"Oh、Wanda?…!! Hoo…they-gara speak only of sweets things, so I just cast them into the valley! Kindness・Love・Romance・Babies・Sugar・Honey!! Never speak of such saltless things in front of me again!! I'll rip out your throats!! Ha,come back up here by your own strength!!」

    The Minks that Sicilian threw into the valley: "Oo ow wow…""Harsh…but…so cool...""I'm sorry!! I'll never speak of sweet things again!!"

    Sicilian:"So long as you understand that!"

    Wanda: "Sir Sicilian, these are the Strawhats."

    -Sicilian jumps way up and lands in front of the Strawhats, lowering his head (as Fujitora did to King Riku).-
    "I thank you for saving this country. I shall never forget what you have done."

    Wanda: "Sir Sicilian always does everything with all his might."

    Luffy:"Hot-blooded lion, huh."

    -Sicilian opens the door.-
    "The Duke is waiting inside. In!! …No dawdling!!」

    Chopper: "Ah, Luffy!"

    King of the Daytime, Duke Inuarashi:" You-gara are the Strawhats, are you?"

    Wanda:"Duke, you're all right!"

    Inuarashi: "You really saved us then. Thank you, truly."

    Luffy:"I think it was my crew actually, but I haven't really heard about what happened yet."

    Inuarashi:"No、you all too…Strawhat Luffy."

    Luffy: ".. but you're a strong old guy. Really strong, yeah?!

    Wanda: "What? That's rude. The Duke is the best warrior in this land"

    Inuarashi:"…haahaa…Stop…you say that to a loser."

    Wanda: "Loser?! Well, the enemies were quite strong. They were more prepared to battle. If Jack hadn't brought that weapon here...!!"

    Luffy:"Huh? Weapon?"

    Chopper:"Yeah, that's right Luffy. One of Caesar's poison gas weapon destroyed this country!"

    End of chapter.



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    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 807

    I'm at my limit for today
    yeah, we'll continue tomorrow

    here drink this, it's our pride "monkey sake" we make this from the fruits of honey trees
    Yeah this looks good.
    you're in my way! stop skipping around
    ah? ofcourse we'll skip
    shut up! stop behaving like a spoiled child!
    let us bite you playfully, let us lick you, let us "garuchu"
    hey hey don't get angry zoro, they are giving us such an hospitality! you're so rude
    please tolerate this little difference in culture, minkship is a proof of friendship
    so tasty, what kind of meat is that?
    hippo, lizard, croc, frog. we don't eat animals with fur
    speaks like Brook:
    E... E... Everyoneeeeee!!


    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 807One Piece Spoils du chapitre 807

    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 807

    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 807

    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 807

    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 807One Piece Spoils du chapitre 807


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    Version Anglaise : 

     Brook feels sorry for Sanji for some reason...
    Momonosuke is safe, but it seems he doesn't like Mink tribe and shut himself up in a room.

    Brook told Luffy not to mention Samurai or Wano country. Otherwise, Mink tribe will be angry with them.

    Sanji left a letter to strawhats. He was not abducted.

    Capone is now Big Mom's subordinate.

    Swirly hats managed to run away from Big Mom's ship thanks to the fog made by Nami.
    Swirly hats arrived in Zou 10 days ago and saved the country by their courage and Chopper's medicine.

    There are 2 kings in Mokomo Dukedom. One is "Duke Inuarashi", the king of a day, and the other is "Nekomamushi" (Cat Viper Boss), the king of a night.

    Duke Inuarashi has been losing consciousness since the city was destroyed, but now he comes to and wants to meet strawhats.

    Law meets Bepo by his vivre card.

    17 days ago, a large mammoth attacked Mokomo Dukedom and told people to offer Raizou.



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