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    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 806

     "Eruption rain is coming!!"
    "What!? A mass of water!!?"

    Robin "It will become a flood!! Hurry to high places!!"

    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 806


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     Chapter 806 - At the Fortress of Left Stomach

    The Fusha village rejoices as they hear Luffy's news. Dadan is giving up up and away to Makino's baby son

    Sabo's top hat on one of her men too

    The Eruption Rain is indeed the elephant hosing himself with his nose.
    The city is flooded by the rain. Meanwhile Kan & Kin (and the monkey) are on a badly drawn cat, still climbing the left leg of the elephant. The Eruption Rain comes down the leg as well, engulfing them. Kan yells that the drawn cat will melt on contact with water.

    Meanwhile Luffy, drenched from the water, rides the back of Wany with Wanda.
    Wanda tells him the water isn't actually a rain, it's the Zuneśa (no doubt named after Ganeśa, the elephant god) the Elephant waters himself twice a day, so this is actually sea water.
    Their city has a purifier in the middle that filters the water, and this supplies their every day water supply.
    Carrot adds that tons of fish also come down at the same time, so they never starve.

    Bepo yells out to Luffy that he can't leave the forest, so to tell his captain to head over here.
    Carrot tells Luffy (white biting his ears) that although Bepo is a native to this land, he's a pirate so he's under the care of the Cat Viper Boss for now.

    On Usopp side, Robin calmly deduce this rain to be the Elephant watering himself, and its effects on the water level of the island. Usopp spots Luffy riding the alligator with Wanda and Carrot, and sees Carrot still hugging and biting Luffy's shoulders. Usopp panicky reports that Luffy is being eaten alive lol

    Wanda looks up at the X shaped crucifix in the ruined city, and has a short flashback with tears in her eyes.
    We see a great Minkman being crucified by Jack, who demands to know where the person he seek is. The minkman tells him he doesn't know what he's talking about.

    Luffy sees the two minkmen girls depressed, and asks about the man who attacked this land. Wanda replies his name is Jack, and he was reported killed on the newspaper.
    He apparently attacked the 4 marine ships carrying Doflamingo, and was taken out. He was apparently crazy enough to attack a ship with and Admiral and former Fleet Admiral on it.

    However, the paper also reports that his death was unconfirmed. Wanda believes he is still alive and out there, and she will never forgive him.
    Just then, Usopp, Zoro, & co arrives there by Law's shambles.
    Usopp calls out the "Namidog" to hand over his pirates (while hiding behind Zoro and using him as a threat)

    She tells him it's a misunderstanding, and they've just reached the fortress.
    Wanda tells the guards she has brought the Straw Hat pirates, and that he was the intruder at the Whale Forest and he means no harm.

    Inside the fortress, Nami is sleeping on a massive fluffy sheep man's belly.
    Chopper comes crying to Nami, reporting that Luffy has finally arrived.
    Meanwhile the numerous minkmen in the fortress gets ready to welcome their guests. They chant "Garuchu".

    Zoro is puzzled, as he was told the minkmen hates humans.
    The Wanda replies that's just the fear the humans have of other minks.
    To them, the humans are nothing but a "monkey mink" that's low on fur.
    She licks Luffy's face again, and says they are proud of their mink-fur, but quite a few do admire the "lesser minks" with beautiful lack of fur as well.

    Nami is hugged by many minkmen as she comes to meet up with Luffy & co.
    Usopp is surprised at how friendly they are.
    Nami dives into Luffy's arms crying. Apologizing to him on what happened to Sanji...

    End of chapter.



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    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 805

    Zoro: "What kind of weapon is that!? An electrical shock ran from it!!"
    Carrot: "There's intruders in the 'Whale Forest'!?"
    Mink: "Yes, it's bad. They're gonna make the Guardians angry!!"
    Franky: "Humans!? Animals!?"
    Usopp: "H..hey you!! Those clothes! Where did you get your hands on them!! What did you do to Nami!?"


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    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 804


    Ce qui tombait dans le dernier chapitre est un  "singe", il a fait tomber Kin et Kan. Luffy et les autres arrivent en haut et se font attaquer par la Tribu des Visons 


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    Version Anglaise : 


    Chapter 804: Adventure in a nation on the back of an elephant
    Ace, Luffy and Sabo playing baseball with Luffy batting, Ace pitching, and Sabo catching

    A monkey comes falling down, crying Etetetetetete
    Kanjuro explains that Raizou is a Tetetete, a running ninja.
    (Ete-kou is an insulting way of calling a monkey)

    Luffy & co dodges the ape, but Kin and Kan is fooling around with pretend ninjutsu and is knocked off the dragon.
    Robin originally mistakes the ape for a child stabbed by knives, lol

    Luffy and others wants to go back down to the ocean to pick up the samurais, but they yell out that they're fine, and will catch up later.
    Luffy insists on helping them, but feels sorry for the dragon who struggling to climb the elephant's leg, panting heavily from the work. (Robin is almost in tears from pity)
    Luffy yells down to the samurai that they'll go on ahead, and we'll meet up later.

    Although they hear the samurai answer in acknowledgement, they also hear an unfamiliar voice yelling he won't allow them to enter the country without permission. (perhaps the voice of the ape ninja)

    The dragon finally makes it to the top, as Luffy & co cheers on Ryuunosuke (they gave him a name)
    The dragon smiles and slowly reverts to a painting as Luffy & co tearfully calls out his name. Franky cries.
    Zoro & Law is uninterested, calling this a farce and just a terribly drawn painting.

    They head to a large castle wall arch with a carving that reads "Mokomo Dukedom" to enter the nation, while Robin puts a flower on Ryuunosuke's drawing.

    Luffy climbs up the wall and on the watch tower to get a good view of the nation.
    The nation is large and well developed, with massive blocks of buildings that resemble thin cliffs, large cities around a ruin, vast forests, river, etc. Despite being on an elephant, it's completely an island nation.

    They walk through the arch, as Zoro mentions the gates are open.
    But Law points out that the gates didn't just open... it's missing, someone had forced themselves in

    Inside the gate, the party finds massive destruction through the forest. And the destruction is still new.
    The road is hard to walk on, as they're treading on the skin of an elephant.

    Meanwhile a few mink people are spying on the group, wondering what happened to Bariete (presumably the person on watch). He/she may have been taken out...

    Luffy reaches the city, but it looks abandoned. Buildings are destroyed.
    Luffy yells out his friends names "Sanji, Nami, Chopper, Brook! Gas... well nevermind I don't care about gas. "
    Franky notes the smell of gun powder and gas, while Usopp is frightened to know what happened to this place.

    Zoro and Law notices someone approaching, and Zoro readies his sword.
    A small bunny girl rushes towards Zoro, and Zoro slashes at her, but she changes her direction in mid air, easily dodging Zoro's sword and counter attacking.
    Zoro unsheathes his other sword with free hand, catches her claws, but upon contact is electrocuted!

    Another mink woman riding on back of an aligator (or crocodile) tells the bunny girl Carrot to stop, those are not the men they're after.
    The woman wears Nami's clothes, and tells Carrot intruders are at the Whale Forest.

    Law confirms they are the Mink tribe, while Usopp notices the woman wearing Nami's clothes....

    End of chapter


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    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 803


     Barto: Mais..Mais..!! Le seul et unique magnifique bateau qui a amené les corps divins des Mugiwaras partout!! Thousand Sunny Go sempai!! Merci Merci!!! 

    Usopp: Comment tu adore ca autant!!

    Robin: Dieu merci ils ont atteint Zou..

    Franky: On dirait qu'ils ont fuit Big Mom sans aucun probleme.. Aucune egratignure sur le bateau..

    Luffy: Hey~~~~!! Sanji~~~!! Nami-----!! Chopper-----!! Brook-----!! Momo~~~!! Ah---, le brouillard est si dense que je vois rien...


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    End of chapter


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    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 802

    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 802One Piece Spoils du chapitre 802




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     - Chapter 802: "Zou"
    - Shirohige has a son.
    - His wanted is 480,000,000 Berries and he's a Shichibukai.
    - Shirohige's wife appears (or at least she sais is the wife).
    - Luffy and the other arrives to Zou.

    Version Anglaise : 

     Huge hails each the size of a human head falls from the sky, piercing holes in Barto's ship.
    Luffy tries to help out, while Franky demands directions from navigator to steer the ship

    Barto tells him they are originally gangs on land, and have no navigator lol.
    Gambia is calling his grandma up with the denden mushi, asking for advise.
    It seems Barto's crew always calls up grandma when they need help when they're in trouble.
    But the granny keeps giving housewife tips instead of anything helpful for the situation.

    Straw Hats have to save the day, and Law is in disbelief.
    The ship sails through the giant hails, attacks from chameleon sea king, straight falls (in middle of the ocean!?) thunderstorms....

    Meanwhile at Marine HQ, Kizaru receives a report.
    A.O Pirates under the banner of Whitebeard has been annihilated by Shichibukai Edward Weeble
    This is now the 16th captain under Whitebeard to fall. It seems Weeble always gets into quarrel with the captains and blows them up along with a city.
    There are now 600 casualties (both dead and injured) and counting.

    It seems Weeble leaves such a path of destruction and harm to civilians, the marines are wondering if they should allow him to continue with such aggression. His "claim" to be son of Edward Newgate is a strong title, but many doubt its credibility.

    Kizaru tells the marine he's not really too concerned with the truth. Regardless of his heritage, there's one thing of certain of his value... he is a very powerful pirate!
    Kizaru continues that he's just like Whitebeard when he was young. Only in his strength though.

    Self-claimed Whitebeard Jr
    Edward Weeble (former bounty 480 million)

    Weeble seems to have the mind of an immature child.
    "Dey always say da same thing! Dat ritebeard's sons are the ritebeard pirates! Mommy! Mommy! I'M the song of ritebeard rite? I'm so rite!(white)"
    (I'm just localizing... he says "Shiroshige" instead of Shirohige because he talks like a little child and can't pronounce words right)

    Miss Bakkin, self-claimed lover of Whitebeard replies to her son that Whitebeard pirates are nothing but pretend-family. The only true child of Whitebeard is you, my son.
    She claims to be loved by Whitebeard, and shows her son Edward Newgate's picture. You couldn't possibly be anything other than his son, you look just like him!

    She tells her son they need to find Marco and rest of whitebeard's men and rob them of Whitebeard's fortune. You are the true heir to his wealth!
    But Weeble seems to be more interested in taking revenge on Blackbeard for killing who he believes to be his father. But Bakkin tells him there's no profit in revenge, money is what they should go after.

    She reads a newspaper and learns about fall of Doflamingo, defeated by Garp's grandson.
    She remembers a rumor that Marco and others protected him during the war.
    Weeble says then he might know about Marco, should we go beat him up?

    One week later...

    Barto's ship is lost in the mist, and the crew sick from seasick.
    Zoro can't believe these guys are pirates lol.

    They see what appears to be a mountain or a giant monster n the mist, and it seems to be moving slightly.
    Luffy immediately goes Let's go see this moving mountain! but Usopp stops him saying right now we need to figure out how to get out of this maze of mist, before hitting a boulder

    Law tells "God" to hold it, as the vivre card of his crewmates point towards the mountain.
    Usopp seems happy to be called "God" and boasts his 200million bounty while Franky glares at him, but instantly shuts up when Law mentions the Admirals have eyes on him now.

    Law tells them this island is covered in deep mist and strong current bars entering it.
    As they get closer, Luffy and others are astonished. How can this be an island!? this.... this is literally a gigantic elephant! (zou)!

    Law explains Zou, like it's name, is an island on the back of a massive elephant.
    It constantly moves and is never in one spot. Because it's not an actual land, Log Pose cannot guide you to it. He says it's the first time for him here.

    The Elephant is slowly moving away, so Sanji and others must have arrived much earlier.
    The samurais mention they heard race of people who despises humans live on Zou.
    Law acknowledges, and tells them the Mink tribes live on the island for the past 1000 years.

    Which means... this elephant is at least a thousand years old!

    End of chapter


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    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 801One Piece Spoils du chapitre 801

    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 801One Piece Spoils du chapitre 801

    - Monkey D. Luffy: 500,000,000 Berries.
    - Roronoa Zoro: 320,000,000 Berries.
    - Nico Robin: 130,000,000 Berries.
    - Franky: 94,000,000 Berries.
    - Usopp: 200,000,000 Berries.
    - Sanji: 177,000,000 Berries.
    - Nami: 66,000,000 Berries.
    - Chopper: 100 Berries.
    - Brook: 83,000,000 Berries.


      Fait important : 


    Version Anglaise : 

     - A "mysterious man in mask with curly hair and a pigeon on his shoulder" (gee, who could it be *cough* Rob *cough*) who belongs to CP0 is receiving report that all the weapons, paperwork, any trace of smuggling were gone from Dressrosa. They suspect the Revolutionaries have taken them. 

    Dressrosa are celebrating, with Violetta dancing flamenco in front of the citizens, as King Riku makes a proposal to his people. 

    He introduces Tontatta elder and Princess Mansherry as the crowd cheers on.
    Meanwhile Leo hands over blueprints of something to the crafters of Dressrosa. 
    They start working on making statues for Lucy, Usopp, and Kyros before they even rebuild their homes. This is apparently higher priority.

    We see Rebecca shopping in the streets along with princess Mansherry on her shoulder, as the narrator says anyone visiting this country will see little dwarves co-existing with humans in peace. (it's a parallel to the opening of Dressrosa, where it was taking about humans and toys co-existing)

    Dressrosa, country of love, passion, and fairies.

    Meanwhile on marine ship, Fujitora tells Sengoku that once he's done escorting them he'll sail out for a trip. He's not allowed to set foot in any marine base until he brings the head of Law and Straw Hat. 
    Sengoku tells him all he needs to do to save Sakazuki's face is one word of apology, but Fujitora declines. He has a face to save for himself. 
    Sengoku sighs in stubbornness of the two. 

    Meanwhile Tsuru has a chat with Doflamingo, who is locked up in the cell. 
    Dofla tells her Fujitora was an idiot, if only he had worked with him, he wouldn't be in his sticky position. He tells her they will regret taking him down. 

    Tsuru tells him there's no "what ifs" in this world. This result is the only reality. 
    Stop being so pathetic, you LOST. 

    He laughs, and she asks him what will happen to the pirate world now. 
    Dofla tells her what do you think monsters who lost their food will do? 
    Is there anyone in this sea right now who stands at the top?
    Who will be the king of the sea? One of the Four Emperors? Or one of the seven warlords?
    Or perhaps the brats of the "Worst Generation"? 
    (awesome picture of the super novas, shichibukai, and yonkou btw!)

    Or perhaps the Army of justice.. the marines are the rulers of the sea?
    Then again we also have powerful folks in the Revolutionaries...

    Where and when will the clan of "D" show up?
    Who will be on who's side? Who will betray who?
    Why don't you go tell the Celestial dragons in Marie Jois, that they'll be dragged down from their place?
    25 years after Gold Roger completed the Grand Line.
    His rival Whitebeard never took the throne, and settled for seat before it. 

    But how about now? There are more pirates than ever, yet the throne is empty!
    You understand what I'm saying... the biggest conflict for the throne in history of pirates will begin now!

    (yeah, certain theme song just started playing in my head. dada-dadadada-dadadada- thanks a lot Doflittlefinger.)

     Doflamingo laughs, and asks Tsuru to provide him newspapers every day if you're taking me to Impel Down. As long as I have that, I won't be bored. 

    Meanwhile, someone stares at the 4 marine ships carrying Doflamingo. 
    Only 4 ships, but the men on the ship are way too powerful for mere escort. (Fujitora, Tsuru, Sengoku, etc)
    The man reports to captain Jack that taking back Lord Doflamingo isn't possible. 
    But Jack isn't satisfied. He tells him who the hell do you think I am? Of course we're attacking!!

    Meanwhile Luffy on Barto's ship 
    flagship "Going Luffy Sempai" with Luffy as the figurehead and modeled after Going Merry. 
    Their compass uses Luffy's vivre card to point towards the real Luffy lol

    All the members of Barto Club seems to be huge fan of the Straw Hats, and cries in joy of their arrival. 

    short flashback: Sabo had made Luffy's Vivre card. 
    Bellamy tells Luffy that he won't become his underling, but he'll take a piece of it just in case. The seven captains who pledged oath to Luffy have all taken a piece of Luffy's vivre card before leaving as well, promising to see their lord again.

    Luffy says it was fun, and he has come to like them all. 
    Law tells Barto to send the ship to Zou
    Usopp wonders if Sanji got to the island, and Franky is worried about Big Mam's ship. 
    Zoro is reading the newspaper, and notices their bounties have gone up. 

    Barto says he has all the new wanted posters in his room, and he'll show it to the straw hats. He also tells Law that his bounty has increased to 500 million, but Law seems uninterested.

    In Barto's room, the new wanted posters were framed on the wall. 
    Luffy 500m
    Zoro 320m
    Usopp 200m
    Robin 130m
    Franky 94m

    Franky complains about Usopp being higher, leaving only him under 100m.
    Usopp tells him to look more carefully, Nami and others are there too

    Sanji 177m
    Nami 66m
    Brook 83m
    Chopper 100 berry

    Barto explains that other than few who were notably dangerous, most of them got a flat 50m increase. But he notes that Sanji's wanted poster is strangely different from others...
    Not only does the increase amount different pattern from others, it doesn't say "Dead or Alive".. instead it says "Only Alive"!

    End of chapter


    Version Française 


    -Un mysterieux homme masqué avec des cheveux bouclés et un pigeon sur l'epaule (hum..Lucci..) appartenant au CP0 rapportant que les armes et tout le reste ont disparus de Dressrosa.. Les suspects sont les Revos.

    Dressrosa fait la fete, Viletta danse, pendant que Riku fait ses declarations.

    Les Tontattas sont presentés.Leo aide des aritsans de Dressrosa.Ils font une statue de Lucy, Usopp et Kyros avant meme de reconstruire leurs maisons..

    On voit Rebecca faisant du shopping avec MAnsherry sur l'epaule.. Le narateur parle d'une coexistence ouverte des humains avec les nains.

    Dressrosa pays de l'amour, passion et des nains

    Sur le bateau de lamarine, Fuji dit a Sengoku, qu'une fois les avoir escortés, il fera un voyage. Il n'est pas autorisé a retourné a la base sans la tete de Law et Luffy. Sengoku dit que ce dont il a besoin pour sauver la face de Sakazuki sont des excuses, mais Fuji refuse. Il fera ca de lui meme.

    Tsuru discute avec Doflamingo qui est en cellule. Dofla dit que Fuji est un idiot, si seulement il avait bossé avec lui, il ne serait pas dans cette position. Il lui qu'il regretteront de l'avoir battu.

    Tsuru lui dit qu'il n'y a pas de " et si y'avais eu.." dans ce monde.Le resultat est laseule realité. Arrete d'etre pathetique. Tu as PERDU.

    Il rit, elle lui demande ce qu'il va arriver au monde pirate maintenant. Dofla demande, que pense tu que des monstres font quand on leur vole leur bouffe? y'a t'il quelqu'un en mer qui se tient en haut? Qui sera le roi des pirates? un des Yonkou? Un des Shichibukai? ou un des pirates de la"pire generation"?

    Ou peut etre la justice... Les marines controlent la mer? On a aussi les revolutionnaires..

    Ou et quand se montrera le clan du D? Qui sera dans quel quand? Qui trahira qui? Pourquoi tu ne va pas dire au Dragons celeste a MArie joa, qu'il vont etre dechu de leur endroit? 25 ans apres que Roger finisse Grand Line. Son rival Barbe Blanche n'a jamais pris letrone.

    Mais maintenant? Il y a plus de pirates que jamais et le trone est vide.. Tu me comprend... Le plus grand conflit pour le trone de l'histoire des pirates commence maintenant!

    Doflamingo rit et demande a Tsuru de lui apporter tous les jours le journal s'il va a ImpelDown. Tant que j'ai ca je ne m'ennuierai pas.

    Quelqu'une regarde les bateaux transportant Doflamingo. Que 4 bateaux mais les hommes dessus sont bien trop puissant pour une telle escorte. L'homme reporte a capitaine JAck que ramener Doflamingo est impossible. JAck n'est pas satisfait. Il dit qui pense tu que je suis?Bien sur on va attaquer!!

    Luffy sur le bateau de BArto
    Drapeau du bateau "Going Luffy sempai" Le compas utilise une vivre card de Luffy pointant vers le vrai Luffy lol

    Tous les membres sont fans de Luffy.

    Flashback: Sabo fait la vivre card de Luffy
    Bellamy dit qu'il ne deviendra pas un de ses hommes.Mais prend un bout au cas ou.Les 7 capitaines qui ont preté sement a Luffy ont aussi pris un bout, promettant de le revoir.

    Luffy dit que c'etait fun, il les aimes tous.Law dit a Barto d'amener le bateau sur Zou. Usopp se demande si Sanji est sur l'ile, Franky est inquiet au sujet du bateau de BM. Zoro lit le journal et voit les primes.

    Barto dit avoir tous les wanted dans sa chambre, il les montres. Law a une prime de 500M aussi mais il s'en fout.


    Luffy 500m
    Zoro 320m
    Usopp 200m
    Robin 130m
    Franky 94m

    Franky se plaint de la prime d'Usopp plus grosse que lui., le laissant en dessous des 100M Mais Usopp lui montre NAmi et d'autres en dessous..

    Barto explique que la plus part on pris 50M d'augmentation. MAis il remarque que le wanted de Sanji est different des autre... Pas seulement de l'augmentation, mais au lieu de "Mort ou vif", y'a ecrit "seulement en vie"



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    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 800


      Fait important : 

    - Prime de Luffy : 500 M

    Version Anglaise : 

     - Some pirate's ships appears in front of Yonta Maria fleet.
    - Fujitora throws Dressrosa's rubble to the ships to help Luffy.
    - Luffy, Bartolomeo and the other pirates exchange a cup of sake.
    - All pirates escape from Dressrosa. Party starts.


    800 Follower sake cup
    (親分・子分 is a parent-child relationship between a boss and his followers)
    Prince Sanji tries to kiss Sleeping Beauty Robin while Seven Goats holds him back

    Luffy tells them he's not drinking it. He doesn't even like booze.
    Barto insists, since after this incident the Straw Hats will be chased by bigshots of the world, but Luffy tells him if he drink this, he'll be a fleet captain for all these ships.
    Barto tells him Luffy sempai will become the pirate king one day, even this massive fleet isn't enough to tackle the world.

    Zoro tells them it's no use trying to convince Luffy, and to pour the sake into his mug. (he just wants to drink booze)
    Orlumbus tells Luffy that strength is no match for numbers, and he will need their force one day.
    Luffy tells him it's all too cramped and stuffy. Luffy asks if there's any food, he's more interested in eating right now.
    Cavendish tells him how dare he decline, a big star like myself is willing to join as a follower, while Sai and Ideo thinks about beating Luffy up and forcing him to drink.

    Luffy tells them "I want to become the Pirate King! Not some important guy!"

    Everyone has "?" above their heads, not understanding what he's talking about.
    (meanwhile Zoro starts drinking the sake with his bare hands)

    Luffy tells the pirates if there comes a time when he needs them, he'll yell out for help.
    We don't need to be boss and henchmen. If you guys need help, yell for us! We'll come to help you, I'll never forget fighting Doflamingo along side you guys!

    Barto finally understands, what "Pirate King" means to Luffy simply means being free.

    At that very moment, canon fire attack shakes their ship.

    Orlumbus tells his men to follow Columbus' (presumably one of his officer) orders as he and the other leaders are still in the very important meeting.

    A fleet of ships came attacking the pirates, demanding Luffy's head.
    They are alliance of men who were dealing business with Doflamingo, and now that the Joker has fallen they have come to kill Luffy in spite, as well as King Riku.

    The captains all smile at Luffy's comment. Barto is in tears at how great Luffy is, while Hajrudin laughs out loud and tells Barto to give the declaration.
    Caven, Ideo, Sai, and Leo all agree.

    Meanwhile the attacks on Yonta Maria fleet continues, as the aggressors seek fame for taking down the famed fleet.
    The crews of Yonta Maria warns the citizens of Dressrosa to return to the shore, as this is now a warzone and it's dangerous for them.
    The citizens are still worried about Fujitora attacking the fleet.

    Just then, what's left of the massive statue of Pica as well as other rubble of Dressrosa falls on the aggressors ships.
    Fujitora has finally dropped the debris of Dressrosa on the fleet.... just not the fleet the Straw Hats are on!

    The seven captains sits down with sake cups in their hands, and declare their oath to Luffy as their leader.
    They don't care if Luffy doesn't drink the sake to accept their oath, they will do this on their own.
    They swear to be the spear and shield for Luffy in time of need.

    They drink from the cup, despite Luffy's insistence to stop them.

    The pirate crews cheer on, and gets ready for the feast.
    The henchmen calls Luffy Straw Hat boss, although Luffy yells back at them "Hey! Look, I didn't drink the sake alright?" as he holds up the empty cup (Zoro drank it all)
    Sai says that's fine. We're swearing our allegiance completely on our own, and if something happens we'll come to help 'on our own'. It doesn't hurt having someone like us, now will it?
    He continues to ask Luffy to at least remember the faces and names of the seven, but Usopp interrupts by telling Luffy there's fighting fish steak as the main dish.

    Meanwhile Cavendish asks Leo if he's going to join the feast, while Ideo asks Barto when is he going to stop crying

    "Rubble and later Sunny"
    This day in the coast of Dressrosa, a strange weather phenomenon was recorded.

    Bastille sees the rubble has finally fallen, and demands report if the Straw Hats have all sunk.
    The marine reports that all of the rubble has missed hitting the Straw Hats and their allies, as Bastille yells WHAT IS GOING ON! in fits of rage.

    Fujitora thinks to himself, he is no longer qualified to chase after the Straw Hats.
    He bows in the direction of Luffy, thanking him for cleaning up the mess the World Government has made.
    Sengoku was sitting on a gorilla right behind Fujitora, laughs and tells him you know I heard you. (shocked Fujitora lol)

    Rebecca and Kyros also learns the news of Luffy safely sailing out of Dressrosa.
    He is in tears that he can finally feel the warmth of his daughter's hands, unlike when he was a toy soldier.

    On Yonta Maria, Luffy and others starts the feast, celebrating their victory over Doflamingo.

    Narrator notes the strange "Only Follower Sake cup" brought these seven men together as followers of Straw Hat Luffy.
    These seven will continue to grow, and will cause a huge incident that goes down in history.
    But no one know the tale just yet.

    End of chapter.



    Version Française 


    -Des bateaux pirates apparaissent en face de la flotte Yonta Maria
    - Fuji jette les gravats pour aider Luffy
    - Luffy/Barto et la clique echangent une coupe de sake
    - Tous les pirates quittent Dressrosa. Debut de la fete!


    800 Coupe de saké des "suiveurs"
    (親分・子分 est une relation parent enfant entre un boss et ses "suiveurs")
    Prince Sanji essaies d'embrasser la beauté dormante Robin alors que 7 chevres essaient de l'en empecher

    Luffy dit qu'il ne boira pas.Il n'aime meme pas l'alcool.
    Barto insiste, car avec cetincident les Mugiwaras vont etre charssés dans le monde, mais Luffy dit que s'il boit ca, il ca etre le capitaine de tous ces bateaux.
    Barto dit Luffy sempai sera le roi des pirates un jour, meme si cette flotte massive n'est pas assez pour conquerir ce monde

    Zoro leur dit que ca ne sert a rien d'essayer de le convaincre, et prend le sake dans son mug (il veut juste boire de l'alcool)

    Orlumbus dit a Luffy que la force ne suffit pas il faut le nombre aussi, et il en aura besoin un jour.
    Luffy lui dt que c'est genant et tout. Luffy demande s'il y a de la viande, il prefere manger pour le moment.
    Cavendish s'enerve, comment peut il decliner une si grande star comme moi de le suivre, Tandis que Sai et Ideo pensent a le forcer a boire de force.

    Luffy leur dit qu'il veut etre roi des pirates! Pas un genre d'homme important!
    Tout le monde porte sa coupe, et n'ecoutent pasce qu'il dit (pendant que Zoro commence a boire dans ses mains)

    Luffy leur dit que s'il a besoin d'aide, il les appelera.On a pas besoin d'etre chef et subordonnés. Si vous avez besoin d'aide, appelez nous! On viendra vous aider, je n'oublierai jamais avoir combattusa vos cotés contre Doflamingo

    Barto comprend enfin ce que Roi des Pirates signifie pour Luffy, simplement etre libre.

    A ce moment, des tirs de canons secouent leur bateau

    Orlumbus dit a ses hommes de suivre Columbus (un de ces officiers surement) lui ordonne de se rassembler.

    Une flotte de bateaux attaquent les pirates, demandant la tete ed Luffy.
    Ce sont des hommes faisant business avec Doflamingo, maintenant que le Joker est tombé, ils sont venu tuer Luffy, tout comme le roi Riku.

    Les capitaines sourient au commentaire de Luffy.Barto pleure a quelpoint Luffy est bon, alors que Hajrudin rie et dit a Barto de donner la declaration
    Cave,Ideo, Sai et Leo sont tous d'accord.

    Pendant ce temps, l'attaque de la Yonta Maria continue.
    La Yonta Maria previent les citoyens de Dressrosa de retourner a l'abris, car c'est dangereux.
    Les citoyens sont inquiet de savoir si Fuji va les attaquer ou non

    Puis d'un coup, ce qui reste de la statue de Pica et des decombres tombent sur les bateaux ennemis.
    Fujitora a fini par lacher les decombres sur une flotte... juste pas celle des Mugiwaras

    Les 7 capitaines s'assoient avce leur coute entre les mains, et declare Luffy comme etant leur leader.
    Ils s'en foutent que Luffy ne boive pas, ils feront a leur facon.
    Ils jurent d'etre lance et bouclier pour Luffy en cas de besoin

    Ils boivent la coupe,malgré l'insistence de Luffy afin de les arreter.

    Ils font la fete
    Les hommes l'appelle bos, meme si Luffy leur crie qu'il n'a pas bu le saké alors qu'il tient la coupe vidé par Zoro.
    Sai dit que c'est bon.On a juré allegance de notre pleine volonté, et si quelque chose arrive on viendra aider de notre pleine volonté, ca fait pas de mal de nous avoir, non?
    Il continue de demander a Luffy d'au moins memoriser les tetes et nom des 7,mais Usopp interrompt en disant a Luffy que du poisson combattant est pret.

    Alors que Cave demande a Leo s'il va se joindre a la fete, Ideo demande a Barto quand est ce qu'il arretera de pleurer

    Decombres et ensuite le soleil
    Ce jour la sur lacote de Dressrosa, un etrange phenomene meteo etait enregistré.

    Bastille voit les debris tomber, et demande si les Mugiwaras ont coulés

    La marine reporte que les debrisles ont ratés, Bastille crie 'Qu'est ce qu'il se passe??"

    Fujitora se dit, ce n'est plus la peine de pourchasser les Mugiwaras.
    Il salue dans la direction de Lufy,le remerciant d'avoir nettoyé toutes les betises du Gouvernement Mondial
    Sengoku est assis sur un gorille juste derriere Fujitora, rit et lui dit qu'il a entendu ce qu'il disait.Fujitora est choqué ^^

    Rebecca et Kyros apprennent que Luffy ont pris la mer sans encombres.
    Il fond en larmes de pouvoir ressentir sa file.

    Sur le Yonta Maris la fete commence.

    Le narrateur note que l'etrange "Coupe de saké pour des suiveurs" amena les 7 hommes a suivre Luffy..
    Ces 7 vont continuer a s'agrandir, et vont causer un enorme incident dans l'histoire.
    Mais personne ne le sait encore..


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