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    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 792

    Burgess: T'en a fini alors..!?
    Sabo: C'est inutile...
    Sabo: On dirait que tout est fini...
    Burgess: Wihaha! Toi et tes "frères"..! Vous vous reposez trop sur vos lauriers..
    Sabo: ?!
    Den Den Mushi: Brrr...



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    Version Anglaise : 



    Chapter 792 Dogeza
    cover art is Mansherry being celebrated for her birthday by fireflies forming the words "Happy Birthday"

    As Burgess lay beaten, Sabo walks away.
    He asks Sabo why he isn't finishing him off, and Sabo answers the conflict is over, there's no need.

    Burgess laughs at how soft the "brothers" are, and mock Sabo telling him if he wants to hear what Ace said as they handed him to the marines.
    He realized he was going to be executed, and asked us not to "tell his little brother". Burgess laughs.

    Sabo's face turns to rage as Burgess continues his words. Sabo ignores the incoming call on his den-den mushi and listens.
    Foolish man, he didn't even understand how much his life was worth! The marines were obviously going to make 120% use out of his life...
    Sabo cuts off the pirate in rage, grabbing his face with his hands in iron claw fashion.
    Not another word out of you... I've been thinking of what Ace was feeling as he left this world every night, I know exactly what the were without you telling me!

    Burgess was purposely pissing off Sabo so he will lose himself in rage, and use that opening to stab him in the neck with a knife hidden behind his back.
    He mocks him for not going to save Ace, stating were you too busy sleeping? He lunges his knife towards Sabo's neck!
    Sabo tells him he has no regrets, and blows up Burgess with a massive Fire Fist.

    Burgess whimpers in pain as he lay on the ground burning. Sabo says even if I were to forgive, Ace wouldn't.

    Sabo answers the phone finally, to be greeted by angry Koala on the other side.
    He tells her Burgess has been dealt with, and asks her if she's gotten hold of the "list"
    She has the list, already got the ship ready, met up with Hack. They've all been waiting on him.
    Sabo cuts her off on the phone, much to her annoyance

    The marines capture the defeated Don Quixote family officers including Doflamingo with seastone.
    But Admiral orders them to hold off from reporting to the HQ just yet...

    VA Maynard broadcasts the current situation to the nearby kingdoms.
    The world is in shock at the state of Dressrosa, reduced to pile of rubble.
    Maynard tells a marine that he will explain the current situation to the world, you go follow Isshou.

    Meanwhile Riku is refusing to retake the throne, despite the citizens' plea.
    The citizens beg the king to return, they won't mind if his pacifist way will bring end to their kingdom. They will follow.
    Elizabello laughs, as a man known as the "Fighting King" their plea is tough to listen to.
    A man comes asking Riku to answer the calls from kings of nearby nation. The calls won't stop coming.

    Elizabello explains to Riku. He already told the other kings that Riku is returning as the sitting king.
    You've grown old, friend. What happened to Riku who could stare down the world to death, demanding peace?
    We've been all waiting for you to return, Riku Dold, the "Miracle King"!

    Fujitora shows up to the scene, also agreeing with King Elizabello.
    You may not take upon responsibility of all that happened here in this kingdom.
    It was the World Government that allowed Doflamingo to take the throne. It was our doing.

    Fujitora gets down on his knees and bows to the ground (dogeza)
    On behalf of the Government, my sincere apologies!

    All this is broadcast to the world.
    The false prosperity of Dressrosa, the fall of the world's biggest underground broker, Doflamingo, and an Admiral bowing in apology.

    And the news agencies around the world springs to action in hurry.... The Pirate Alliance has defeated Doflamingo!!

    End of chapter


    Version Française 


    Chapitre 792

    Chapter 792 Dogeza
    couverture: Mansherry fetant son anniversaire

    Burgess battu, Sabo part.
    Il demande pourquoi Sabo ne l'acheve pas, il repond que c'est fini, c'est inutile

    Burgess rit des 3 freres, et nargue Sabo lui demandant s'il voulait savoir ce qu'avait dit Ace avant d'etre remis aux marines.
    Il savait qu'il allait etre executé, et leur demanda de ne rien dire a son ptit frere. Burgess rit

    Le visage de Sabo durcit en entendant ces mots. Sabo ignore l'appel et ecoute.
    Imbecile, il ne comprenait meme pas combien sa vie vallait! La marine allait en profiter un max..

    Sabo s'enerve sur Burgess, attrape son visage avec ses mains en "Iron Claw"
    Plus un mot de ta part.. J'ai longtemps pensé a ce que ressentait Ace chaque nuit, je sais exactement ce que c'est sans que tu me le dise!
    Burgess a fait ca expres pour que Sabo s'enerve, et utilise cette ouverture pour le poignarder au cou avec un couteau caché dans son dos.
    Il se rigole delui car il n'est pas allé sauver Ace, "etait tu trop occupé a dormir?"  Il plonge son couteau vers le cou de Sabo
    Sabo dit n'avoir aucun regret et envoie un Hiken massif sur Burgess.

    Burgess hurle de douleur au sol, brulant.. Sabo dit meme s'il devait pardonner, Ace ne le ferait pas.

    Sabo finit par repondre au Den Den, Koala est enervé au bout du fil.
    Il lui dit que Burgess c'est reglé, et lui demandesi elle a la liste. Elle l'a, le bateau est pret, et de se rejoindre avec Hack.

    La marine capture la donquixote Family, Dofla inclus
    Mais L'Amiral ordonne de ne pas faire de rapport au QG pour l'instant...

    Maynard rapporte la situation aux royaumes voisins.
    Le monde est choqué de l'etat de Dressrosa, reduit a un tas de pierres.
    Maynard dit a un marine qu'il va expliquer la situation au monde, et lui doit aller avec Fujitora.

    Riku refuse de reprendre le trone, malgré la demande des citoyens.
    Un homme demande à Riku de repondre aux appels des royaumes voisins.
    Elizabello explique a Riku. Il a deja dit aux autres rois que Riku reprendrait le trone.On demande tous le retour du toi, Riku Dold le "Roi miraculeux"!

    Fujitora arrives est acquiesce les propos des Elizabello.
    Vous n'avez pas a vous sentir responsable de ce qui est arrivé.
    C'est le GM quia accordé le trone a Doflamingo. C'est notre faute.

    Fujitora se mit a genoux et fit une "dogeza"
    Au nom du Gouvernement, mes sinceres excuses!

    Tout est transmis au monde entier.
    La fausse prosperité de Dressrosa, la chute de Doflamingo, et l'Amiral faisant ses excuses.

    Et toutes les agences de presse du mondes entrent en action pour dire... L'alliance Pirate a battu Doflamingo!!

    Fin du chapitre


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  • One Piece Spoils du chapitre 791

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  • RAW/ Version chinoise 

    海贼王 第 jilu790 话 01-02.jpg

     海贼王 第 jilu790 话 03.png

    Lire la version la version Chinoise du chapitre 


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    Version Anglaise : 


    Chapter 790 : Heaven and Earth

    Coverart is the crew in various culture's exotic outifts
    I guess to celebrate Guinness world record

    As Lucy returns, the crowd goes wild.
    Doflamingo laughs at the theatrical entry and says he's barely standing.
    But Luffy responds to him telling him so are you

    Doflamingo takes the initiative, attacking Luffy with strings. He also sends some to Rebecca, but Law shambles her to safety.
    Oh so there you are, says Dofla to Law, and tells him to sit there and watch.
    He turns an entire segment of the town into strings with Ever White, and converts them into a thousand "Flap Thread" string arrows.
    He attacks Luffy with the arrows (it looks like the arrows make up wings on his arms, and he's flapping them together like a flamingo)

    Luffy tries to hold off the attacks with CoA, but it proves too much for him, and some of the arrows pierces, slamming Luffy into a wall.
    Doflamingo laughs saying are you sure your haki is all there yet?

    Flashback to Luffy's training
    Rayleigh laughs at Luffy barely surviving an attack by a beast, and asks him what happened to that Kong Gun that you were so proud of?
    Luffy says the beast he fought earlier was even bigger, and his Kong Gun proved ineffective.
    Rayleigh tells him Gear 4 wears down your body too much, he should come up with a better solution.

    back to the fight

    Dofla controls the beaten Luffy and makes him walk over to him.
    He says everyone should have been content being manipulated, and all this slaughter would have been avoided
    Luffy snaps hearing this, goes into Gear 4 and rips apart the strings controlling him

    Dofla is surprised that his strings were easily cut, but he gathers Luffy is on his last strength.
    He mocks Luffy for challenging him to an air fight.

    Luffy yells at Dofla, that him wanting to control and manipulate everything in his palm makes this place suffocating
    Dofla responds blame that on your blood, I am different from you trash humans.

    He tries to capture Luffy with spider nest, but Luffy goes into Gear 3 while still in Gear 4, by blowing air into his arms.
    Luffy readies his King Kong Gun, while Dofla tries to counter with God Thread. Powerful attack consisting of 16 holy threads.

    But that proves ineffective against the King Kong Gun, which crushes the threads and Dofla along with it.

    "There are those who say the Ds are the arch enemies of Gods...."

    End of chapter.




    Version Française 


    Chapitre 790

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    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 789

    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 789


      Fait important :

    Pas de chapitre la semaine prochaine


    Version Anglaise : 


    Chapter 789: "Lucy!!"

    - Violet try to fight with Doflamingo but he uses his powers and makes Violet fight with Rebecca.
    - Luffy will can fight in 10 seconds, a massive countdown starts in all Dressrosa.
    - Gatz encourages people to stop Doflamingo, he pierces Gatz's stomach.
    - When Rebecca is about to kill Violet, Law uses Shambles and change Violet with Luffy.
    - Rebecca: "Lucy!!".


    Cover is Shanks and a bull dog-man sitting in a cafe looking mobster. 

    The strings have finally reached the palace, and starting to shred it. 
    King Riku and Tank Lepanto joins the fight to push the Factory against the strings. 

    Viola's attacks are no use against Dofla, and she's already hurt all over, bleeding. 
    Dofla asks her if she thought he'd go easy on her just because they spent 10 years together. 
    He says he forgives failures and mistakes of his people. But what he doesn't forgive is treason. 
    Dofla then controls Rebecca with his puppet strings to attack Viola!

    We see all corners of the city where people are helping to push the birdcage back. 
    However, Kyros notices his daughter is missing...
    Gatz gets on the microphone and announces to the whole nation that the "Star" of the coliseum will rise again. 
    The people have no idea what he's talking about, and Cavendish goes "Star!? Is he talking about me!?" then notices Law is gone from his side. 

    Gatz calls out the star's name, Lucy! Otherwise known as... Straw Hat Luffy!
    He then goes on to explain the situation, and that although he has fallen for now, he will rise again and declared to knock out Doflamingo with a KO punch!
    Gatz calls out Doflamingo. Are you listening, you false king. This will be your execution ring!
    Gatz is provoking Doflamingo, in attempt to draw his attention away from Viola and Rebecca to himself.

    10 seconds left until Lucy is up again. 
    Hajruden, Dagama, Ideo, and other restored gladiators starts falling to the ground. The time for their temporary healing has run out...!
    Unfortunately Chiyupopo cannot be applied to someone who's already been healed once. 

    countdown continues.... 6, 5, 4, 
    Sai commands people to switch places to buy more time
    3 seconds left, everyone is cheering on Lucy's name.

    1 second left, Doflamingo impales through Gatz.

    Meanwhile, Rebecca cannot stop herself, and swings her sword on Viola. 
    Viola tells her she forgive her, she has done nothing wrong. 

    As Rebecca swings the sword, Luffy leaps in, headbutting the sword in half!

    The crowd goes wild, and Dofla smiles as Lucy reenters the fight. 
    Last fight is about to begin


    Version Française 


    Chapitre 789

    - Chapter 789: "Lucy!!"
    - Violet esssaie de se battre avec Doflamingo mais utilise ses pouvoir fait que Viola attaque Rebecca.
    - Luffy va pouvoir se battre dans 10 secondes, un compte a rebours commence a Dressrosa.
    - Gatz encourage les gens a stopper Doflamingo, il perce l'estomac de Gatz
    - Quand Rebecca est sur le moint de tuer Violet, Law utilise Shambles et change Violet avec Luffy.
    - Rebecca: "Lucy!!".


    Couverture: Shanks et un "ull dog-man" assis a un café 

    Les fils ont finalement atteint le palais, et commencent a l'attaquer.
    Le Roi Riku et Tank Lepanto rejoignent tout le monde pour aider à repousser la BC

    Les attaque de Viola sont inutiles contre Dofla, et elle est deja blessé, et saigne.
    Dofla demande si elle pensait qu'il se retiendrais car ils ont passé 10ans ensemble.
    Il dit qu'il pardonne les echecs et erreurs de son entourage. Mais ce qu'il ne pardonne pas c'est la trahison.
    Dofla controle ensuite Rebecca avec son clone pour attaquer viola

    On voit tous les ctés de la villes ou des gens aident a pousser la BC
    Kyros remarque l'absence de sa fille..
    Gatz prend un micro et annonce a toute la nation que la star du colisée va se relever.
    Les gens n'ont aucune idée de ce qu'il raconte, et Cavendish dit " Star?! Il parle de moi?!" et remarque que Law a disparu?

    Gatz dit le nom de cette star, Lucy! Connu sous le nom de.. Mugiwara no Luffy!
    Il explique la situation, qu'il est out pour l'instant, mais qu'il va se relever et declare mettre KO Doflamingo!
    Gatz appelle Dofla. "Ecoute tu, faux roi? Ceci sera ton ring d'execution!"
    Gatz provoque Doflamingo, en essayant d'attirer son attention a l'ecart de Viola et Rebecca.

    10 secondes avant que Lucy se releve 
    Hajruden, Dagama, Ideo, et les autres gladiateurs commencent a tomber au sol. La durée de leur soin temporaire est finie.
    Malheureusement Chiyupopo ne peut etre apppliquée 2 fois de suite

    Le compte a rebours continue.. 6,5,4
    Sai ordonne aux gens de changers de place pour gagner du temps

    3 secondes, tout le monde crie le nom de Lucy

    1 seconde, Dofla empale Gats

    Rebecca ne peut s'arreter, et attaque a l'épée Viola
    Vioal lui dit qu'elle lui pardonne, q'uelle n'a rien fait de mal

    Luffy surgit,et casse l'épée en deux avec sa tete!

    Dofla sourit, la fin du combat va commencer.

    Fin du chapitre

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    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 788

    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 788

    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 788

    - 3 minutes away, the birdcage will close in to the centre.
    - Run!
    - The shrinking speed is getting faster.
    - That bastard really did it!
    - Before Lucy revives, the destiny of this country is in our hands.
    - Now there's something only we can do.
    - Defeat Doflamingo and let the birdcage disappear.



      Fait important :

    Pas de pause la semaine prochaine

    Version Anglaise : 


    Chapter 788 "My fight"

    3 minutes left until the Birdcage reaches the center of city. 
    Bunch of nameless gladiators tries to stop Doflamigo, but are obliterated instantly. 
    Gatz runs carrying Luffy even though Lucy's recovery won't make it in time
    Law uses shambles to appear in front of them, and says he'll take care of him now. 

    South-Eastern city of Sepio: 
    Barto uses his indestructible barrier in front of the birdcage, and the gladiators all push the barrier to stop the progress. 
    Leo is seen pushing the barrier as well, and explains to Robin what the princess is doing. 

    "Chiyupopo" (Healing-Sunflowers) 
    She can turn her tears into sunflower shape and float the air, covering the whole city. 
    We see a man who broke his ankle and cannot run from the birdcage instantly getting healed ad runs
    But the power is not limitless... it has a big glaring problem. 

    The heal is temporary. 

    After a few minutes, the power will wear off, and the state of the person recovers back to what it was before the heal. 
    The gladiators are moving now due to the heal, but they will revert back to severely injured state afterwards. 

    Princess is on the back of Kabu, flying above the city pouring the Chiyupopo all over the city. 
    She says she has no power to fight bad guys, but her tears won't stop flowing. But THIS is her fight. 
    On the ground people are praising at the miracle, screaming god has come to this land in the time of crisis.

    God Usopp yells at the citizens while being carried on the back of Hack. 
    He orders them to head to East and West, to help push the birdcage back. 
    They are at first reluctant, thinking it's no use, but he hollers at them to trust his teammates and go!

    Rebecca heads to stop Doflamingo, in case the birdcage is unstoppable. 
    But Viola has arrived first. Viola tells Rebecca to not do anything foolish, she needs to stay alive after this. 
    Dofla asks Viola "Then why did you com here, Viola?" Viola takes her coat off, and faces off Doflamingo. 
    She means to settle the score, as the final member of Donquixote family still standing. She means to fight him to the death. 

    Franky and co are pushing the Factory in north east, while behind the factory Zoro and the two samurai are pushing the birdcage with their swords. 
    They aren't sure if it's working. 
    Fujitora shows up, lending himself and his sword to push back. 

    The marines, the citizens, all rush to each corner of the city to help Zoro, Franky, and and Gladiators push back the birdcage.
    With the whole city helping out, the birdcage comes to a halt with a crashing, booming sound!

    It starts moving right away again, but now they know for sure this can be stopped and slowed down. 
    Hope is in the air, and everyone pitches in to carry on the pushing fight.

    Meanwhile, Rebecca breaks down in tears crying out Viola's name. 

    1 minutes left until Lucy is back up!

    End of chapter


    Version Française 



    Chapitre 788 "Mon Combat"

    3 minutes avant que la BC atteigne le centre.
    Quelques gladiateurs essaient de stopper Doflamigo, sans aucun effet 
    Gatzcours portant Luffy meme s'il pense que Lucy n'y arrivera pas a temps
    Law utilise shambles pour apparaitre en face d'eux, et dit s'occuper de lui maintenant.

    Sud Est de Sepio: 
    Barto utilise son indestructible barriere en face de la BC, et les gladiateurs poussent sa barriere pour stopper la progression.
    Leo est vu poussant la barriere, et explique à Robin ce que fait la princesse

    "Chiyupopo" (Graines soignantes) 
    Elle peut transformer ses larmes en forme de tournesols et flotter dans l'air, couvrant toute la ville.
    On peut voir un homme qui a ses chevilles cassés et ne peut pas courir, instantanement etre soigné et courir a nouveau. Mais ce pouvoir a une limite.. Un gros probleme.


    Le soin est temporaire

    Apres quelques minutes, les effets s'arretent, et l'etat de la personne redevient comme avant.

    Les gladiateurs bougent grace a ca, mais retrouveront leur etat ensuite.


     Princesse est sur le dos de Kabu, volant a travers la ville pour soigner tout le monde.

    Elle dit ne pas avoir la force de battre les mechants, mais ses larmes l'arreteront pas de couler. C'est CA son combat!
    Au sol, les gens prient un miracle, criant dieu à l'aide.

    God Usopp crient au habitants tout en etant sur le dos de Hack.
    Il leur demande d'aller vers l'Est et Ouest pour aider a repousser la BC
    Au debut réticent, pensant cela inutile, mais s'encouragerent et deciderent de suivre cette idée!

    Rebecca tente d'aller stopper Doflamingo, dans le cas ou la BC est innaretable 
    Mais Viola arriva la premiere. viola dit a Rebecca de ne rien faire d'idiot, elle doit rester en vie apres ca.
    Dofla demande a Viola "Pourquoi est tu venu ici alors, Viola? Violaenleve son anteau, et fait face a  Doflamingo. 
    Elle veut regler ses comptes, face au dernier membre de la famille Donquixote encore en vie. Elle compte le battre jusqu'a la mort

    Franky and co poussent l'Usine au Nord Est, pendant que Zoro/Kin/Kan poussent avec leurs sabres. 
    Ils ne sont pas surs que ca marche.
    Fujitora se montre, essayant de repousser aussi.

    Les marines, les habitants, tous courent aux coins de la ville, aider Zoro, Franky,et les gladiateurs a repousser la BC 
    Pendant que toute la ville aide, la BC vient de s'arreter accompagné d'un crac, un gros bruit

    Elle recommence a avantcer, mais maintenant ils savent qu'elle peut etre stopper et ralenti. De l'espoir dans l'air, et tout le monde fait de son mieux

    Pendant ce temps, Rebecca fond en larmes et criant "Viola"

    1 minute avant que Lucy soit de retour

    Fin du chapitre

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    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 787

    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 787



      Fait important :

    Version Anglaise : 

    "It's the revolutionary army's second in command!" 


    "I'm the revolutionary army's Sabo. Straw Hat Luffy is my little brother" 
    "What's your business with him Burgess?"


    Version Française 

    "C'est le second de l'armée revolutionnaire" 


    "JE suis le revolutionnaire Sabo. Mugiwara est mon petit frere." 
    "C'est quoi ton problème avec lui, Burgess?"




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