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    One Piece Spoils du Chapitre 785

    One Piece Spoils du Chapitre 785

    One Piece Spoils du Chapitre 785

    One Piece Spoils du Chapitre 785

    One Piece Spoils du Chapitre 785


      Fait important :

    Derniere mini aventure de Jimbe

    Version Anglaise : 

    As Luffy lands his fist, citizens below marvel on how the "rubber ball" man is overwhelming Doflamingo.
    They don't know who he is, but they cheer him on.
    Cavendish is astonished at the changed look of Luffy as well as his strength, but Law is worried that he's using too much haki.

    Meanwhile, Jesus Burgess observes the fight, and cannot decide whether he should pursue Luffy or wait.
    Koala hides behind rubbles and keeps eyes on Jesus, wondering what he's up to.
    Meanwhile, Violetta reports to her father Luffy and Doflamingo's fight is the only fight left.

    The insides of the Smile factory is destroyed, and the Tontattas and Franky flee the scene.
    The exterior of the factory is made of seastones and cannot be cut by the strings, but the shrinking birdcage pushes the factory along.

    Franky spots Zoro and Kinnemon running to the opposite direction from the center, and warns them.
    But Zoro replies he's going to stop the strings to buy time.

    Doflamingo observes that Luffy is controlling his rubber elasticity with haki, combining CoA with Rubber.
    Luffy rushes to finish him off since there's not much time left on Gear 4. Doflamingo also realizes with that much pressure, Luffy's gear 4 couldn't last that much longer as well.
    Luffy attacks with Culverin but Doflamingo sprouts strings from the ground and shield himself.
    Luffy is suprised at strings coming out of the ground.

    Doflamingo tells the "rookie" that Devil Fruit can sometimes awaken to a higher stage.
    Once awakened, it can affect other objects other than yourself.

    The buildings around starts turning into strings.
    Luffy is amazed, it doesn't even seem like Paramesia!

    20 minutes has passed and about half the country is decimated.
    A grandmother falls, unable to run anymore. Her grand daughter can't leave her there, despite the granny's wishes.
    A doctor screams for help as his patients lay in the hospital, waiting for their doom. A man on crutches has given up all hope and sits in the street.
    The citizens are in despair.

    King Riku uses the speakers to make a speech to his nation.
    He explains what is happening, and that this is all reality. In a way they've been trapped in this birdcage for the past 10 years.
    But that will end today. Almost all the Donquixote family are defeated, and only Doflamingo is left.
    The Strawhat Luffy is fighting him right now, and its up to him for this to end.

    He calls for the citizens to not give up, there is hope, and in just a bit the conflict will end and the Birdcage will be broken by the Straw Hat.
    He pleads the citizens to keep running, and not give in to despair.

    The citizens get back on their feet, carry the sick and wounded and run once again to the center city. The grandma gets back on her own feet and runs.

    Meanwhile, Dofla converts buildings all around the city to strings to try and finish off Luffy.
    Time is pressing, and Luffy pushes in his own head to do a powerful spring-headbutt, knocking Dofla's balance.

    He then presses in both of his arms. This is my last attack! Gomu Gomu Leo Bazooka!
    Dofla is sent flying, and buried deep in the side of the palace.

    End of chapter.

    Dofla's face and expression isn't shown, or whited eyes.
    I'm doubting the fight is over...


    Version Française 

      Titre: Meme si vos jambes/bras vous lachent


    Tandis que Luffy se bats, les citoyens sotn stupefait sur la facon dont il surclasse Doflamingo.
    Ils ne savent pas qui est cette "balle rebondissante" mais l'encouragent.
    Cavendish aussi est etonné de Luffy, Law est inquiet qu'il uttilise trop de Haki

    Burgess observe le combat, et hesite entre poursuivre Luffy ou attendre
    Koala se cache et observe, en attendant de voir ce qu'il va faire.
    Violetta raconte a son pere que Luffy/doffy est le dernier combat. 

    L'interieur de L'usine est detruit, et Franky/tontattas observe la scene.
    L'exterieur de l'usine est fait de granit marin, et ne peut etre  decoupé par les fils, mais le retrecissement fait pression sur l'usine

    Franky repere Zoro et Kin, courant vers le bord de la Birdcage, et les appelle.
    Zoro reponds qu'il va stopper les fils pour gagner du temps

    Doflamingo voit que Luffy controle sont elasticité avec son haki 
    Luffy se depeche d'en finir car son gea est presque terminé. Dofla realise aussi qu'avec autant de pression, le gea de Luffy ne pourrait pas tenir longtemps
    Luffy attaque avec Calverin, mais Dofla se protege d'un bouclier de fils devant du sol 
    Luffy est surpris que ca vienne du sol

    Doflamingo dit que les rookies peuvent eveiller leur fruit a un niveau superieur
    Une fois eveillés, il peut affecter les objets autour

    Les batiments deviennent des fils
    Luffy n'y croit pas, ca ne ressemble pas aux Paramecia!

    20 minutes sont passés et la moitié du pays est decimée

    Une grand mere tombe ne pouvant courir plus, sa petite fille ne peut la laisser malgré la volonté de la grand mere
    Un docteur crie à l'aide pour les patients de l'hopital. Un homme a abandonné, les citoyens sont desesperés

    King Riku  utilise les haut pareurs pour faire un discours
    Il explisque ce qu'il se passe. Qu'ils ont été piégés durant 10ans
    Mais ca s'arrete aujourd'hui. La donquixote est battue, seul Dofla reste
    Luffy se bat en ce moment, et c'est le dernier et seul espoir de reussite.
    Il demande aux citoyen de ne pas abandonner, que Luffy va s'en charger. Il leur demande de courir

    Les citoyens se relevent, portent les malades et blessés, et se ruent sur le centre de la ville, la grand mere se releve et se met a courir

     Dofla transforme les batiments de la ville essayant de finir Luffy
    Le temps presse, et Luffy retracte sa tete, pour un puissant coup de tete

    Il retracte ses bras, C'est ma derniere atttaque!Gomu Gomu Leo Bazooka!
    Dofla est envoyé volé.

    Fin de chapitre

    Le visage et expression de visage de Dofla n'est pas montré ni des yeux blancs. Doute que le combat soit fini..

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    One Piece Spoils du Chapitre 784

    One Piece Spoils du Chapitre 784

    One Piece Spoils du Chapitre 784

    One Piece Spoils du Chapitre 784

    One Piece Spoils du Chapitre 784

    One Piece Spoils du Chapitre 784

    Faits importants:

     Pas de chapitre la semaine prochaine



    Version Anglaise : 

     - Title: Gear4.
    - Zoro and Kinemon went for bird cage.
    - Law's arm is almost cured.
    - Gear 4 is Bounce Man.
    - Gear 4 is the necessary technique for Luffy to tame those monsters on Ruiskaina.
    - Doffy is now helpless...

    The citizens run from the encroaching birdcage, and marines run to save them.
    Baby five explains what's going on to Sai, while blushing and calling him darling (or honey, however you want to translate)
    Sai tells Chinjao and Oolumbus to wake up the fallen, or they'll sit there waiting to die.

    Meanwhile, Violetta explains to Usopp that despite them being in the center of the nation, they are not safe fromthe birdcage.
    The birdcage is shrinking with Dofla in the middle, so this place will be shredded in no time as well.
    Usopp clings to Hack and screams for him to hurry and run, but Zoro runs the other direction. He means to stop it.

    Cavendish sits next to Law, telling him hopefully his arm will be ok.
    The tontatta couple have reattached Law's arm, and it's only a matter of time before it's healed.
    Cavendish tells Law that even if they manage to defeat Doflamingo, the world will be in a turmoil over this. And you guys are going to be in the eye of the storm.
    Law replies, he's well aware.

    Luffy blows air into his arm while it's blackened with CoA.
    He then moves the air to his body, becoming hulking in size.
    He then bounces around like a rubber ball, but the sound of bounce feels hard and strong. (more like Thump Thump than Bounce Bounce)

    Gear 4... Bounding Man.

    Dofla laughs, mocking Luffy for jumping about like a ball.
    Luffy answers, he had to increase his size and elasticity in order to fight those massive monsters on the island while training for two years. This is what he came up with.
    Dofla continues to mock, saying what good will elasticity do?
    But Luffy tells him you won't even be able to do anything to me.

    His fist retreats into his arm, then bounces out like spring. Gomu Gomu no.. KONG!
    The powerful punch sends Dofla flying through a building, sending him into the middle of the city!

    The citizens are puzzled to see Dofla suddenly falling out of the sky.
    The marines scream why Dofla is here, but Dofla tells them he has no idea either.
    The citizens flee, but there's no where to run due to the birdcage.

    Dofla looks up to the sky, and sees Luffy FLYING.
    He retracted his feet into his legs like when he used Kong, and repeatedly do geppou to soar through the sky with his arms stretched out like a plane!
    Then Luffy disappears... appearing right next to Dofla! He kicks Dofla with Gomu Gomu Rhino Schneider, sending him flying through another building.
    The citizens watch in amazement as Luffy follows Dofla, while bounching like superball on the ground.

    Dofla leaps up in the air, cursing at having so much trouble with a "mere rubber man".
    But he understands what Luffy did now... Luffy used CoA to harden his skin, to increase the tension strength of his rubber by multiple times!
    Luffy uses Gomu Gomu no Culverin, a pistol like cannon punch, but Doflamingo dodges it. He gets in close to Luffy, and attacks him with the Athlete kick.

    But his powerful kick cannot penetrate Luffy's sides.
    Luffy's body is using CoA to become hard, yet retaining rubber elasticity at the same time!
    Luffy simply bounces Dofla off of himself.

    Luffy changes the direction of his Python (Culverin) to chase after Doflamingo.
    The punch changes its direction multiple times and homes into the target, getting a clean hit on Doflamingo's face!

    End of chapter.



    Version Française 

       - L'attaque de Luffy s'appelle Culverin (canon ressemblant a un serpent au 16-17eme siecle)

    Kin et Zoro semblent etre parti s'occuper de la Birdcage

    Le bras de Law est quasi soigné


    - Chapitre 784 Titre: Gear4.
    - Zoro et Kinemon vont s'occuper de la Birdcage
    - Le bras de Law est quasi soigné
    - Gear 4 est l'homme rebond
    - Gear 4 est une techinique necessaire a Luffy pour dresses les monstres de Ruiskaina
    - Doffy est impuissant...

     Les citoyens tentent d'echapper au retrecissement de la cage,et les marines les sauvent.

    Baby 5 explique la situation a Sai et l'appelle cheri etc..
    Sai dit a Chinjao et Olumbus de s'occuper des blessés sinon ils vont mourir

    Viola explique a Usopp qu'ils sont au centre du pays mais pas en securité pour autant.
    La Birdcage retrecit avec Dofla au milieu, donc l'endroit va etre dechiqueté aussi
    Usopp s'accrochea Hack et lui hurle de courir, mais Zoro va dans l'autre sens. Il veut stopper ca

    Cavendish est a coté de Law, en lui disant que son bras devrait aller.
    Leo et Manshelly l'ont rattaché, c'est qu'une question de temps avant guerison.
    Cavendish raconte a Law que meme s'ils parviennent a battre Dofla, le monde va etre secouer. 
    Et vous les gars, vous serez au coeur de la tempete
    Law repond en etre conscient

    Luffy mets de l'air dans son bras + Haki
    Il fait bouger l'air afin d'agrandir en taille
    Il rebondit comme une balle mais le son des rebonds sonnent comme dur et fort

    Gear 4... Bounding Man.

    Dofla rit et se moque de Luffy
    Luffy repond, qu'il a augmenté sa taille et elasticité, pour battre les montres de l'ile ou il s'est entrainé.
    Dofla continue a se moquer, que va faire cette elasticité?
    Mais Luffy repond "tu ne pourra plus rien me faire"
    Son poing s'enfonce dans son bras,Gomu Gomu no.. KONG!
    Ce puissant coup de poing envoie Dofla a travers un batiment, et au milieu de la ville

    Les citoyens sont stupefait de voir Dofla tomber du ciel
    Les marines crient "pourquoi Dofla est il la" mais Dofla repond ne pas savoir non plus
    Les citoyens tentent de fuir la Birdcage

    Dofla regarde dans le ciel et voit Luffy voler
    Il retracte son pied dans sa jambe quand il utilise Kong, et refait du "Geppou" pour s'elever dans le ciel avec ses bras tendus.

    Luffy disparait..et apparait juste a coté de Dofla. Il le frappe avec Gomu Gomu Rhino Schneider, l'envoyant voler sur un autre batiment.
    Les citoyens restent stupefait

    Dofla s'eleve, peste d'avoir des problemes avec un "simple homme caoutchouc"
    Mais il comprend maintenant ce qu'a fait Luffy.. Luffy utilise le haki pour durcir sa peau, augmenter la force de tension de son caoutchouc!

    Luffy utilise Gomu Gomu no Culverin, un pitol comme un coup de canon, mais Dofla l'evite. Il s'approche de Luffy et attaque avec  Athlete kick.

    Mais son coup ne fait rien a Luffy
    Le corps de Luffy au haki s'endurcit, retenant l'elasticité en meme temps!
    Luffy repousse Dofla de lui meme

    Luffy change la direction de son python (culverin) pour chasser Dofla.
    Il change plusieurs fois de directions, pour atteindre Dofla

    Fin du chapitre

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    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 783

    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 783

    "Ta cage et toi etes sur mon chemin..."

     Gear 4 !!!!!!!!!!!

    Faits importants:

     Pas de chapitre la semaine prochaine



    Version Anglaise : 


    Chapter 783 "You're in my way"
    Wadatsumi wants to go with Jinbe
    Leo sees the explosion and wants to go help, but Kyros and Robin advise against it.
    Even Law, who was also a shichibukai, was beaten to pulp, they would only pull Luffy's leg if they did.

    They saw Law because Luffy carried him and leaped out of the explosion.
    He tosses Law towards Robin, and while she was surprised to see his arm cut off, spreads Spider Net and catches him.

    Dofla comes chasing him, and shoots Bullet Strings to try and finish off Law. Luffy attacks him with Hawk Whip, but too late to stop the bullets.
    The bullets rain down on Robin and Law.

    Cavendish arrives in the nick of time to deflect the bullets and protect Law.
    Luffy yells to Caven to take the others to safety. At first he wants to join Luffy's fight, but Luffy yells out that he's counting on him.
    Caven can't deny the wishes of his fans! If Strawhat Luffy is to be his fan, he will oblige!

    He rushes to call for Barto to help evacuate them and Law to safety.
    Meanwhile Leo tries to stitch Law's wounds together and have the princess heal him.

    Dofla tells Luffy to step out of the way, let him end Law's suffering, but Luffy replies he'll have to beat him to get past.
    Luffy tries to attack with rushes of punches, but Dofla easily dodges and tells Luffy while his punches are fast, they lack the power behind them.
    He counters with OverHeat, damaging Luffy, while he remembers when he first heart of the Straw Hat Luffy...

    When he heard from Trebol that Crocodile was taken down by a marine Captain, he didn't believe it.
    Then he saw the increase of Straw Hat Luffy's bounty, and started investigating.

    Now Luffy has survived the Marineford War and came all the way here to Dressrosa.
    While he praises the young pirate, he kicks him down through the floor of the castle and the impact reaches even the lower floors.

    Law regains consciousness, and tells Cavendish to leave him here. He spent 13 years chasing Dofla, he wants to see the end of it himself.
    Law tells him that if Straw Hat loses here, I should die here. I'm the one that dragged Luffy into this...!

    Robin tries to tell Law that the alliance was on equal grounds, and Luffy is here on his own will, but Law is adamant to stay.
    Cavendish realizes it's impossible to convince him, and sits down next to Law. He tells Robin to take the others to safety.
    Caven tells Law that he won't hear the wishes of a suicidal man. I will stay, and if you are going to die, it will be after me.

    Luffy attacks Dofla with Grizzly Magnum, but easily countered.
    Dofla asks Luffy how long are you going to take to kill me? One hour is the time limit until the birdcage is completely closed.
    In less than half an hour there will be people dying. Elderly and babies will be the first to go. And in 40 minutes you will hear their screams reaching this palace.
    It's all your fault. If you didn't come here, this nation would be in peace.

    Luffy denies that claim as a facade.
    Dofla says he's getting in his way all for heroics, but Luffy returns no, YOU are the one getting in MY way.
    I won't let anyone die on my watch.

    Both you and this birdcage of yours is getting in MY way.

    Gear........ Fourth.


    Version Française 



    - Chapitre 783 "Tu es sur mon chemin"
    Wadatsumi veut aller avec Jimbe

    Leo voit l'explosion et veut aider, mais Kyros et Robin lui deconseille.
    Meme Law, un Shichibukai, s'est fait battre, ils ne seraient qu'un obstacle pour Luffy

    Ils ont vu Law car Luffy le portait pour echapper a l'explosion
    Il laissa Law à Robin, et celle ci fut surprise pour le bras coupé, utilise Spider Net et l'attrape.

    Dofla revient a la charge, tire des balles de fils pour essayer de finir Law, Luffy attaque avec Hakw Whip, mais trop tard pour arreter les balle, qui pleuvent sur Robin et Law

    Cavendish arrive a temps pour devier les balles et proteger Law
    Luffy lui ordonne de les mettre en securité. Au debut il veut aider Luffy au combat, mais Luffy compte sur lui pour les faire sortir de la.
    Caven ne peut refuser un voeu d'un fan, si Luffy en est un, il est oblifé!

    Il courre appeler Barto pour les aider a evacuer en securité

    Pendant ce temps, Leo essaie de soigner Law a l'aide de la princesse

    Dofla dit a Luffy de s'enlever de son chemin, le laisser achever Law, mais Luffy repond qu'il faudra le battre pour ca.
    Luffy essaie d'attaquer avec ses poings mais Dofla evite facilement, ses poings sont rapides mais qu'ils manquent de puissance.
    Il contre avec Over Heat, blesse Luffy, alors qu'il se rapelle la premiere fois qu'il a vu Luffy..

    Quand il a entendu par Trebol que Croco avec etait battu par un capitaine de marine, il ne le croyait pas. Puis il a vu la prime de Luffy augmenter,et commenca son enquete.

    Maintenant Luffy a survecu a MarineFord et se retrouve a Dressrosa. Alors qu'il fait les louanges du jeune pirate, il l'envoie a travers le sol du chateau, et l'impact atteint meme les etages plus bas.

    Law reprend consciences, et dit a Cave de le laisser la. Il a passé 13ans a chasser Dofla, il veut voir la fin par lui meme.
    Law dit si Mugiwara perd ici, je devrais mourir ici. Je suis celui qui a amené Luffy ici..

    Robin essaie de dire a Law que l'alliance est a part egales, et Luffy a choisi de venir par lui meme, mais Law veut rester.

    Cave realise que Law est impossible a convaincre, et s'asoit a coté de Law. Il dit a Robin d'emmener les autres en lieu sur.
    Caven dit qu'il n'ecoutera pas les volonté d'un suicidaire. Je reste, et si tu meurs, ca sera apres moi.

    Luffy attaque Dofla avec un Grizzly Magnum, mais facilement contré

    Dofla demande a Luffy combien de temps il mettra pour le tuer? une heure et le temps limite.
    Dans moins d'une heure les gens mourront. LEs vieux et enfants seront les premiers. Et dans 40 minutes tu entendra les cris. C'est de ta faute, si tu n'etait pas venu, le pays aurait eu la paix.

    Luffy nie. Dofla dit qu'il est en travers du chemin, et Luffy reponds non TU es en travers de MON chemin.. Je ne vais laisser personne mourir.
    Toi et ta birdcage etes sur mon chemin..

    Gear... 4!

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    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 782

     Doffy, tu as l'aptitude pour etre un roi.On va te soutenir de notre mieux, en echange, laisse connaitre ton reve

    Faits importants:




    Version Anglaise : 

     - Title: incarnation of evil
    - Cover: let's have a party.
    - CoC clash between Luffy and Doffy.
    - flashback of how Trebol found out Doffy's talent of having CoC.
    - Trebol offered Doffy the power of revenge, a gun and a DF.
    - CoA battle between Luffy and Doffy.
    - Luffy said to Trebol, why is it not working with my CoA against a logia? And Trebol reply "am i one? Anyways, it doesn't work on me"
    - flashback of how Doffy and the executives became family, and Doffy is the king. The 5 of them are equal.
    - Law used 'sword of death' hitting Trebol. Trbeol bleeding.
    - Thin Trebol appears.
    - Trebol about to light himself up.


    Version Française 

       - - Title: incarnation du diable
    Cover: faisons la fete.
    - Choc de HDR entre Luffy et Doffy
    - Flashback: Trebol decouvre le HDR de Doffy
    - Trebol offre la vengeance, un flingue et un fdd
    Combat d'armement entre Luffy et Doffy
    Luffy dit a Trebol, pouquoi son armement ne fonctionne pas contre un Logia? Et Trebol replique "en suis je un? peu importe mais  ca ne marchera pas contre moi"
    Flashback: Doffy et ses lieutenants deviennent une famille dont Doffy est le roi. Les 5 sont egaux.
    Law utilise "épée de la mort" sur Trebol. Trebol saigne
    Trebol mince apparait
    Trebol va se faire exploser


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    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 781 

    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 781

    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 781





    Faits importants:

     Law utilise Gamma Knife sur Doflamingo



    Version Anglaise : 

     - Chapter 781 true wish
    (or ambition)

    The Sea Monsters allows the fishermen to use them as ships for fishing, in apology

    The Birdcage is closing in, shredding buildings on the way.
    The citizens scramble towards the center of town to avoid getting shredded.

    Doflamingo tells Luffy he had no intention of letting anyone live, the game has changed.
    In about one hour, everyone in this nation will be dead from the shrinking birdcage.

    Marines scramble to save the citizens, while Usopp panics and King Riku curses Dofla for his cruelty.
    Usopp realizes the only way to stop this is for Luffy to beat the snot out of Doflamingo, and cheers on.

    Luffy tells Doflamingo, that all he has to do to end this is beat him, and lunges towards him.
    As Luffy prepares Gomu Gomu attack and Doflamingo readies himself to counter,


    Law appears right next to Doflamingo while his attention is on Luffy, and stabs him with a Ope Ope knife.
    "Gamma Knife!"

    The attack destroys the opponent from the inside, and Doflamingo screams in pain!
    Trebol doesn't understand how Law is alive, or the fact he's using Ope Ope ability without a ROOM...
    But Law tells him, oh we're inside ROOM alright.

    We see that a MASSIVE ROOM is covering the area, miles out from the palace.
    Law says this costs him some life, but he managed to maintain this gigantic ROOM this entire time, just to wait for this one opening...!

    Flashback, after taking a few shots from Doflamingo (which missed his vital organs), he used Shambles to swap himself with another body from down stairs.
    He put his hat on the body he swapped with, to make it look like himself. (The man was wearing a dark shirt and light pants, similar to Law)

    Later, when Luffy was enraged and ready to kick ass, Law teleported behind him to tell him his plans. (This was the final panel from last chapter)

    Doflamingo falls to his knees. He tries one last attempt to kill Law, but Law thinks even he manages to do so, Dofla will die.
    Luffy blows away Dofla with JET Stamp, and lunges to follow up, but Law stops him and gets up to walk towards Dofla to finish him himself.
    Law tells Dofla that Gamma Knife destroys the internal organs, as a doctor I assure you you will die.
    Trebol enraged lunges towards Law, but is easily kicked aside by Luffy.

    Law condemns Dofla for the last time for what he did to Cora, and told him Cora would never have pulled that trigger anyways. I WOULD HAVE.
    Dofla agrees, he tells Law that Law is just like himself.

    Law tells Dofla he should have been the one to die that day.
    Dofla tells Law he'll tell him what he wanted to hear. That Corazon was useless, annoying, and he feels glad to off him that day.. is that what you want to hear?
    Law doesn't let him finish the sentence, and attacks him with full might Counter Shock.

    Law, exhausted, falls to the ground.... and Doflamingo gets back up!
    Given enough time, Dofla can operate on himself using strings. His strings are working as they speak to fix up the vital organs.
    Devil fruit abilities are very flexible in use, you see...?

    Dofla raises his foot to stomp on Law's head, to finish him off. But Luffy stops his foot with his own. (look badass and casual too!)

    The two glare at each other.

    The final battle is about to begin.

    End of chapter


    Version Française 



    - Chapitre 781 Le vrai souhait (approximative traduction)

    La Birdcage retrecit, decoupe des batiments sur son passage.
    Les citoyens se refugient au centre de la ville.

    Doflamingo dit a Luffy qu'il ne compte laisser personne en vie, le jeu a changé.
    Dans environ une heure, tout le monde sera mort decoupé par la birdcage.

    Les marines font de leut mieux pour sauver les citoyens, pendant que Usopp panique et Riku maudit Dofla pour sa cruauté.

    Luffy dit a Doflamingo, que tout ce qu'il a à faire pour empecher ca c'est de le battre, et il lui crie dessus.
    Luffy prepare une attaque Gomu Gomu et Doflamingo se prépare à la contrer,


    Law apparait face a Dofla qui a son attention sur Luffy, et le l'attaque avec un coup "Gamma Knife"

    L'attaque detruit l'adversaire de l'interieur, et Doflamingo hurle de douleur!
    Trebol ne comprend pas comment Law est il encore envie, ou le fait d'utiliser l'Ope Ope sans ROOM..
    Mais Law lui dit, oh on est dans une ROOM.

    On voit une enorme Room, couvrant des kilometres autour du palais.
    Law lui dit que ca lui coute un peu de vie, mais il a fait en sorte de maintenir cette Room geante tout ce temps, en attendant cette ouverture..

    Apres avoir pris plusieurs coups de Dofla (qui a manqué ses organes vitaux) il utilisa Shambles pour switch avec le corps d'une personnes en bas.
    Il mit son chapeau sur le corps avec lequel il a switché, pour le faire ressembler a lui.

    Plus tard, quand Luffy s'enerva, pret a botter les fesses de Dofla, Law se teleporta derriere lui pour y expliquer son plan

    Dofla tombe sur ses genoux. Il essaie une derniere fois de tuer Law, mais Law pense que meme s'il l'a evité, Dofla mourra.
    Luffy envoie balader Dofla avec un JET Stamp, mais Law le stoppa et se leve pour finir Dofla lui meme.

    Law dit a Dofla que Gamma Knife detruit ses organes internes, en tant que docteur il assure qu'il va mourir.
    Trebol crie sur Law, mais il est facilement ecarté par Luffy

    Law condamne encore une fois Dofla pour ce qu'il a fait à Cora, et lui dit que Cora n'aurait jamais préssé cette gachette, mais lui l'aurait fait!!
    Dofla acquiesse, il dit à Law qu'il est comme lui

    Law repond a Dofla qu'il aurait du etre celui qui devait mourir ce jour la.
    Dofla dit a Law qu'il va lui dire ce qu'il voulait entendre. Corazon etait inutile, ennuyeux et il fut heureux de le tuer ce jour la.. C'est ca que tu voulait entendre?
    Law ne le laisse pas finir,et l'attaque avec Couter Shock

    Law, faitgué, tombe au sol.. Et Dofla se releve!
    En lui donnant assez de temps, Dofla peut s'operer avec ses fils. Ses fils peuvent reparer ses organes vitaux

    Dofla leve son pied pour ecraser la tete de Law. Mais Luffy le stoppe avec le sien

    Fin du chapitre

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  • titre : 


    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 780


    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 780

    Faits importants:




    Version Anglaise : 

     - Chapter 780 Spell binding of the Heart
    Jinbe - sank the temple back in the ocean near the port.

    Few minutes back from the last chapter.

    As Law lay there dying, Trebol laughs at how persistent he is.
    Dofla tells Law he has no chance against Dofla by himself, let alone both him and Trebol at the same time, just let go.
    He then laughs at Law's wasted 13 years of life.

    He offers Law that he'll grant one wish, any wish, if he performs the immortality surgery right now.
    Law laughs and he'll do it if Dofla can bring back Corazon to life right now, and go kiss the asses of every citizen in this country.

    Law tells him that it is infact Doflamingo that doesn't realize what he has gotten himself into.
    Strawhats have done miracles through out their adventure, and there's no way Doflamingo can stop them. He will never get Ceasar back.
    Your future is doomed.

    Doflamingo shoots Law several times, pissed at his remarks, at the fact he wears the Corazon symbol on his back, and the fact that he calls his pirates the Heart Pirates even though he refuses to sit on the Heart seat.
    Dofla claims the cursed spell Law and Corazon has bound to him will end this day...

    Back to the present time

    Tank Lepanto follows King Riku to head to the city, as Viola explains to Zoro and others that there's only 2 enemies left, but one of our own has fallen too...

    Luffy leaps to Doflamingo, leaving the defeated Bellamy on the ground.
    As Dofla smirks that I freed Bellamy just as I said, didn't I?, Luffy attacks him with elephant gun.
    Dofla stops the attack with a spider web move, and also dodges the following Hawk Gatling.
    He uses an attack called White Break, a gigantic strand of strings rising up to crush Luffy.

    Luffy dodges the attack and lands near Law's body.
    Law lies there in a pool of blood, as Luffy asks him what happened here.
    Law does not answer. Dofla tells Luffy to look at him, isn't it obvious that he is dead?
    Luffy refuses to believe him.

    As Luffy sits there near Law in silence, Dofla says Law told him you will show me miracles.
    You don't seem very strong from the fight we just had, but come on, there's still two of us. Let's end this game.

    You bastards!! Luffy screams.
    In his mind, Law's words replays. (Hey Mugiwara, listen...)

    End of chapter.


    Version Française 



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  • titre : Dernier Combat

    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 779     One Piece Spoils du chapitre 779


    One Piece Spoils du chapitre 779

    Faits importants:

    Pas de chapitre la semaine prochaine. 

    Bellamy battu



    Version Anglaise : 

     - Chapter 779: "Final Fight".
    - Cover: "Let's go for Pirate Festival".
    - Zoro remembers a conversation about haki and katanas with Mihawk.
    - After some hits, Luffy defeats Bellamy.
    - Doflamingo says Luffy will be surprise when he see Law dead body.
    - No chapter next week.

    - Color spread: Straw Hats eating pizza
    - Factory blown by Tontatta.
    - Koala asked Sabo to come to the royal palace.
    - Bellamy thanks Luffy for calling him friend.
    - Luffy shouting 'Doflamingo' for the sake of Bellamy.
    - Doffy: The beast is raging, get up. He'll be surprised, Right. Law? If he sees your dead body.

    Zoro:well, how many times is it now...My sword getting broke by you!!
    Mihawk: if you use haki on your sword the same sword wouldn't get broken that many times
    Mihawk: you should think of even chipping your swords as a shame, every sword can turn into black swords, unless you master that -using haki to make swords black- you are out of alchohool -as in prohibited from it as a punishment-
    Zoro: whaaaaat!!?

    - There aren't any citizens injured in the city from the falling statue, thanks to Fujitora using his gravity power to float it long enough for them to evacuate.
    - Trebol isn't worried about the factory, because he thinks they still have Mansherry to restore both the factory and the defeated officers.
    - The princess tries to heal Kyros, but he tells her to save her ability (which has limits) for someone else. (Law foreshadowing?)
    - Sabo at first replies to Koala that there aren't much in this world that she can't handle herself, but when she tells him it's beyond her capability and Luffy may be in danger he changes his mind instantly and tells her he'll be on her way.
    - Bellamy is aware that Dofla only told him he'll free him, because he knows Bellamy would give his life away anyways. But he still stubbornly puts his life on the line for Dofla only to be remembered by him. Luffy acknowledges that Bellamy is doing this to "man up" and their fight ends in the exact same way the first fight ended... with a single punch in his face, pummeled into the ground, with fist mark on his face.
    But this time Luffy's expression isn't indifference... it's RAGE. He screams out Doflamingo's name in fits of rage.



    Version Française 

       - Chaptitre 779: "Dernier Combat".
    - Couverture magazine: "Allons au Festival Pirate".
    - Zoro se souviens d'une conversation sur le haki et les katanas avec Mihawk.
    - Apres quelques coups, Luffy bat Bellamy
    - Doflamingo dit que Luffy sera surpris quand il verra Law mort.
    - Pas de chapitre la semaine prochaine.

     - Page couleur: Mugiwaras mangeant de la pizza.
    - L'usine est explosé par les Tontatta (a voir)
    - Koala demande a Sabo d'aller au Palais.
    - Bellamy remercie Luffy de le considerer comme un ami
    - Luffy va battre Doflamingo pour Bellamy
    - Doffy: La bete enragé, leve toi. Il sera surpris n'est-ce pas, Law? Quand il te verra mort.

    Zoro: combien de fois ca fait maintenant.. Que tu casses mes épées!!
    Mihawk: Si tu utlise le haki sur ta lame cette meme lame ne se cassera pas autant.
    Mihawk: tu dois penser qu'ebrecher ton épée est une honte, chaque lame peut devenir noire,jusqu'a ce que tu ne maitrise ca -utiliser le haki pour faire une épée noire, utliser le haki pour rendre tes lames noires, tu n'aura droit à de l'alcool, considère ca comme une punition. (pour faire simple)
    Zoro: quoi?? 


    - Aucun citoyen n'est blessé avec la chute de Pica, grace a Fujitora utilisant la gravité le temps d'evacuer tout le monde.
    - Trebol n'est pas inquiet pour l'usine, car il pense posseder Mansherry pour reparer l'usine et soigner les hommes blessés. 
    - La princesse tente de soigner Kyros, mais il lui dit de garder (car limité) pour d'autres (Law?)
    - Sabo répond à Koala que peu de personnes peuvent la battre, mais quand elle lui dit que c'est au dessus de ses capacités et que Luffy pourrait etre en danger, il changea d'avis et lui dit qu'il arrivait.
    - Bellamy est conscient que Dofla l'a libéré, car il sait que Bellamy donnerait sa vie quoiqu'il en soit pour lui. Mais il reste enteté a mettre sa vie pour barrer la route à Luffy juste pour qu'il se souvienne de lui. Luffy mis fin a ca avec un seul coup de poing, tout comme à Jaya.
    Mais cette fois ci son expression du visage est differente... C'est de la rage. Il crie le nom de Doflamingo.

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